Amazon Affiliate Link

So I decided to put up an Amazon affiliate link. I don’t imagine this will be much of an income generator as I get 5% of any people who click-through from my site onto Amazon and buy the books I’ve recommended. But I thought it would be quite interesting to see how it works, and so far I’ve been pretty impressed with the simplicity of it. It helped that I had a blog that fitted in with their colour scheme, but the widget has got your standard whites and blacks, so hopefully others will have a certain level of compatible joy!

I’ve never done advertising through my sites- by way of an affiliate link or sponsored advertising or anything. I’ve always been quite anti it. But I do like Amazon and I like the thought of recommending a bunch of books that I’ve absolutely loved, thus the affiliate link. I like Amazon for their customer service, the simplicity of purchasing from them, the vast product range that they carry, and their movement into other web services. I don’t like Amazon for the recent situation with Wikileaks. But I still buy from them, I haven’t yet boycotted them because of Wikileaks– because although I love the concept of Wikileaks, and some of the great breaking news that has come out from it, there’s also a debate that I’d like to explore as to when closed conversations have the right to remain closed conversations. But I’ll wait for another post on that one. I still want Wikileaks to appear and grow.

So here’s to the list of books that I’ve read and recommend. I’ll let you know when I make my first £10 through the affiliate linking….though I’m sure that’s going to be some time yet! That will require roughly 40 books to be bought, as a result of clicking on the link. I reckon we’re talking 6 months or so? 1 May 2011. What do you reckon? I tell you what- anyone who gets the closest guess right date, gets a free £10 Amazon Voucher. Pop your date ‘guess’ in the comment and I’ll let you know when we’ve hit the big one oh!

Happy reading ;)

  • PGW

    Hmmmm… I think it’ll take a little longer, more like 23rd July 2011.

    • Caleb Storkey

      To be honest Paul, I think it’s likely to be 2020!