11 Top Tips for Team Motivation

11 Top Tips for Team Motivation

Have you ever wondered how to motivate your team? Here are 11 top tips to help you out.

1. Know their Strengths
Do you understand what makes your team around you buzz and feel motivated? What are the drivers and things that are important for them? What do they get passionate about and enjoy doing? Simply put, what are they great at? It’s so much more important to focus people in on their strengths and passions than to get them working hard on something that doesn’t bring them life, leaving them feel depressed and inadequate.

2. Setting off in the Relationship
Start the relationship off well. If it’s through direct employment have a detailed, planned organised induction programme. At this stage every employee engages in their induction and should be passionate and interested in how their future with your company will unfold. From day one show them you care about their success and give them a broad understanding of your business.

For people you work alongside as contractors or suppliers make clear your expectations and what you want them to deliver. Communicate what you will bring to the working relationship (paying on time, gratitude, referrals, recommendations and support). Communicate clearly what they can expect from you, along with your wider aims and objectives. Make sure your brief is clear and specific and follow them up to see how they are doing as the days and weeks go by. Let them know that you are interested and have a personal and vested interest in them succeeding.

3. Approachability
Be personable, approachable, and create a culture where they are able to talk to you, that you share their concerns and you are committed to your working relationship. Don’t lead in a negative hierarchical fashion where people feel at a distance, but instead let them know when your door is open to talk.

4. Flexibility
Show your team the respect and recognition you’d want. Let them know that in emergencies and extenuating circumstances you will look after their needs above your own. Whether this means their taking time off to look after parents, leaving early for their son’s Christmas play or bereavement time off when they have lost a loved one. Treat them well with kindness, care and concern. Be genuine with them. And if you genuinely don’t care, learn to care and then be genuine.

5. Passion
Keep them aligned with their passion. Although not every day of one’s job is exciting and there will be times when the graft and discipline of getting things done has its frustrations, the majority of their time should be spent on work they love. Give them chances to feed their passion through further training, reading and discussions.

6. Training
Train and develop them, making sure they always have room for growth and development. May they work within an environment where they become better at what they do each day, and they find the appropriate support and time provided for that. Be on their side, cheering them on and believing the best for them and in the process you’ll inspire them on to more.

7. Be Stewards Not Owners
Never create a culture where someone feels owned or controlled. We are all equal on this planet, regardless of societal symbols and status. Regardless of how important you feel you are, provide a culture where your team know they are respected regardless of their roles. Let them know a commitment from you that they can grow without being owned. Chances are they may see the spirit in which you operate and will want to grow with you. Clearly not all, and some will move on, but that’s fine. If and when it’s right for them to move on, think of it from their perspective and be grateful for the new chapter that will open up in their lives.

8. Opportunities
Opportunities bring growth, change and potentially new life. Open up opportunities for other people and don’t keep the best in life to yourself. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the people around you flourish. It’s where life takes on a whole new dimension.

9. Clear Goals
Manage expectations by working with your team to establish clear goals and objectives. Make sure the goals are realistic and necessary and that your team have confidence, belief and desire to achieve them.

10. Gratitude
Be thankful for the hard work that others do for you, your organisation or the organisation you work for. Never take it for granted. At any time you could lose everything, and as much as these people spend their energies investing in your business or project, you should be truly grateful because their time is a precious gift. Often you don’t realise that fully till it’s no longer there.

11. Grow Yourself
Motivate yourself and work on your own performance. Lead by example and deliver what you say you’re going to. Let your team catch your enthusiasm, your passion, your balance, your integrity and your heart. Let them be inspired by your abilities and skills and let them see your humility in recognising your own weaknesses and your own ongoing commitment to growth.

And whilst you’re at it…every now and again… break out in a smile, take it all a bit less seriously, don’t be afraid to love, laugh some more, turn the music up, chuck the kettle on make others a cup of tea!

I’d love to hear the additional ones that have worked for you. How do you go about motivating other people- do share with us all.