Building Trust in Friendship

Building Trust in Friendship

Be open with people who you trust. Trust is powerful and people need to earn it, but if you have found someone you do trust, take courage and look to be more open with them, and work to build trust in your friendships. Because deep levels of intimacy between friends doesn’t happen by chance, and people are in need of friends. Good friends.

Why don’t you create regular times when you can both share heart with each other, express what you’re struggling with and find a support in each other? Perhaps a regular beer, glass of wine, afternoons chat, walk in the hills or whatever works for you.

The beauty of having a friendship or relationship with someone who you trust is that they can provide a non judgemental fresh perspective for you. They can look at the situations in your life from a position of knowing you, loving and caring for you. But as they are one step removed, they are often not caught up in the details.

A trusted friend has no vested interest in the conversation, they’re not looking to steal your ideas, exploit your contacts, hurt you, alienate you or make life harder for you. Instead they want to see your life, your work, and your relationships be more fruitful. As a result of these positive mutual desires for each other, it means that your communication is life-giving and positive.

And as a result of this, you allow these trusted friends in, giving them space to speak truth even if at times it hurts. The wounds of a friend can be trusted.

How many people do you give permission to speak into your life and challenge you? How often does your character and behaviour get a chance to grow?

With this loving support you don’t need to pretend, don’t need to put up a false presence or allow your ego to get in the way of growth. Instead you are able to critique and challenge previously held beliefs or behaviour. As a result, if you both connect with humility, you’re on the same team.

So find and commit to some friends whom you trust, whom you give permission to ‘wound’ you and help you grow. Let them know that you are allowing them into that special place in your heart, and you’d be privileged to do the same for them too.

It may not be an easy journey to take, but it is one of those spaces where at it’s best its a taste of the divine. Where perfect loves drives out all fear and you experience the joy of freedom in your relationships.