Spare a Thought For Your Competition

Spare a Thought For Your Competition

Letting people down affects everyone. Spare a thought for your competitors when you provide a service and let a customer down. You may just excuse your mistake and explain it away as a bad week in business, however the ripple effect of this is so much bigger.

Let’s take Search Engine Optimisation as an example. An SEO consultant offers his services to an insurance company saying that he can get their business to the top of Google for competitive key words. They are currently spending £4,000 per month through an advertising agency on Pay Per Click (PPC). They currently don’t monitor how their customers found out about them.

The SEO consultant would only charge £1,500 a month for 6 months, £500 each month thereafter to maintain the top position. The company is dubious, hopeful and complete naive when it comes to online marketing. They lack experience and knowledge, but they are keen to cut their costs.

The SEO consultant talks about the scientific way he approaches SEO, which baffles them a little, and he knows this and uses it to his advantage. He shows how other companies he’s worked with have got to top place for specific keywords. What he fails to say is that these were for the search terms ‘Red Cardigans with four buttons on the Sleeves Stitched in Angolia’ and ‘Talented Advisors for the Spiritual Direction of Dogs in Kentucky.’

But they were impressed when he shows his clients there at the ‘Top of Google.’ And he explained that they’d been there now for 18 months. He smiled. He charmed. He flattered their business. He said he could produce the same results for their keyword: ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance.’ He got the job. And he believes he can do it.

Six months later the company isn’t even on the first eight pages in search results for the terms they need. The consultant has taken the money. The consultant has worked hard, but not been able to work his magic. The consultant has not delivered on what he promised. The consultant did help them make one sale under their keyword Professional Indemnity Insurance; he bought the insurance himself. And that was the first sale they regretted.

Not only has the company been affected, but do you think that company is going to look to work with a SEO consultant in the future? Or are they going to resort back to PPC.

Think about the longer term impact and damage your lack of service has upon your sector. Because as one member damages the reputation of the sector, all the members of that sector suffer. People will choose alternatives to replace SEO.

On the flip side; if you are smart, savvy and able to deliver, work out the ways that people have been let down in your sector. Create a business plan and ensure service delivery or product that resolves these issues, and you will be on to a winning result.