Visionaries Without Administration Fail


Visionaries Without Administration Fail

Vision without administration is a hot air balloon without fuel. Looks impressive, gets people talking, makes a statement but doesn’t go anywhere.

We’ve all met them and possibly, at one time, have been them; people with an idea where the idea stays just an idea. That’s why it’s so important to know your strengths and also to know your weaknesses.

Often visionaries are not so good at the details. Great at ideas, great at inspiring others, great at seeing the bigger picture but not so good at making things happen on the ground. If you’re the visionary type and not so good at detail, are you more fruitful when you work closely alongside other(s) who can earth you and help you join the dots?

Not only by working with support does it give you the time and energy to play to your strengths, wowing your customers with your super power abilities (!)….. but it also keeps clients happy when an email is sent at the time you said it would be. Often people prefer just to get the email when they’re expecting.

Every good visionary needs a good catcher (thank you Hilary); someone who can both implement the ideas but also, where appropriate, critique them objectively and help prioritisation. And if you don’t have the privilege of knowing that person at the moment, why don’t you consider getting some Virtual PA support.

And if funds are tight, it’s worth thinking through the time spent on activities that take you lots of time. Consider how it could be different if this time was saved and you used this time to generate more income. You may find it more affordable then. Play to your strengths and allow others to do the same.

Visionaries without administration fail: they’re like a goal scorer without a team. You will always play in the back yard as opposed to playing bigger matches and winning cup finals.