Decision Time? Then Sleep On It

Decision Time? Then Sleep On It

One of the key differences between good leaders and bad leaders, rests on their ability to make good decisions. A good leader knows how to gather all the necessary information needed, understand the consequences of either course of action, gather the experience and viewpoints of others, and be decisive in implementing the necessary actions.

A bad leaders responds very quickly when making a decision and may overlook details missing vital information. They may be biased to favour others or themselves, unable to ‘hear’ all sides of argument, want to avoid un-popularity with the decision, and be overly optimistic or too arrogant to receive input from others. Alternatively they get stuck.

Ultimately leaders are often judged on the decisions they make.

They are remembered by the fruit- good or bad. Whether you’re a naturally good decision maker, or seem to miss it, to avoid a rash impetuous decision, it’s vital to remember when to simply ‘Sleep On It.’ I’d add, wait until after you’ve had the shower in the morning as well. Nothing like the relaxation of hot water to let the mind put the world to right.

I’ve seen some great leaders over the years, choose to wait till the morning to give their answer on an important issue. Some find it a little frustrating, but their success speaks volumes. Their sleeping is not in order to procrastinate, but it’s there to make sure their mind has had time to mull and chew over the different angles. It’s a lot more relaxing to be able to make decisions this way, when the mind has time and space to make sense of the issue. Presenting yourself all the arguments and then leaving it to do it’s work, it’s like your mind works for you, whilst your body rests. So often things seem so much clearer in the morning.

Sleep on it but don’t sleep with it. Restless time spent thinking about the decision in the still quiet hours of the night, is more likely to cause uncertainty and anxiety than clarity and confidence. Have a cut-off time to let your mind wind down before your head hits the pillow. Read a book, watch a film, enjoy pillow talk and maybe even have no distraction at all and just be silent, meditating on that you can be grateful for. I dare you.

And as the sun rises and the clarity comes, and you have a sense of peace about the decision, act upon it. Be confident in how you have arrived there and move forward humbly but with strength. Many times you will be right. A number of times you will be wrong.

The more you learn from the bad decisions, the better your decision-making will become.

It’s often better to move in a direction and be flexible to changing course, as opposed to constantly putting off making a decision for fear of getting anything wrong.
After all it’s good to sleep on it, but you can’t stay in bed all week.