Encourage the Encouragers

Encourage the ‘Encouragers’

I’ve been privileged to have had some amazing friends and inspirations, who have been such a huge encouragement to me during my life. Their wisdom, experience, understanding and the lens through which they see the world has helped shape and at times transform my thinking. Their have pioneered into spaces, and have had the humility, grace and passion to open up that space for others. They don’t live for themselves, their own personal gain, their own sense of personal success, but instead serve others and are faithful with the talents that they have given. They are my ‘encouragers.’

We need to thank those who have inspired us. Throughout our lives we meet different people along the way who change our lives for the better; their lives and their actions inspire us into something bigger.

The way they live, think, lead and relate to others shapes our thinking and develops our understanding of the world.

These good, positive role models give us a glimpse of what we aspire to be, both in character and in action. They show us the traits of what it means to be alive, nourishing others and ushering in goodness around them.

Sometimes these people are in our lives for a long time, other times they are in our lives for a few weeks, months or years. They live faithfully, leading by example. But they are human, frail in their own ways, and we may forget that they will also experience their own times of frustration, loneliness and disappointment.

Please take a moment to write to someone who has inspired you, who has given to you, who has been a support and encouragement to you. Tell them how much you have appreciated them, what you learned from them and examples that you have applied into your own life. Tell them how grateful you are for the way that they have led by example. Don’t hold back. It may be some time you last spoke. You may have even fallen out, or gone in a different direction to them, which caused tension in your relationship. You are not looking for anything back, this isn’t about focusing on any negatives, it’s simply a chance to say thank you.

Fragments of your own life may not be as they are, if it hadn’t been for their love and support at times when you needed it. Go on – show your gratitude to them.
Who knows, you may be loving them at a time they really need it. It’s time to encourage the ‘encouragers.’