Important Things In Our Lives – Focusing On The Most Important Things In Life

Important Things In Our Lives – Focusing On The Most Important Things In Life

As my first week back after paternity leave, I’ve decided to have a week of blogs inspired by Iona.

Having a baby fine-tunes what you consider to be important. What used to be important is beginning to become far less important. Not because I can’t be bothered to chase and dream, but simply because its appeal and importance count for far less.

I still have a hunger to make an impact in this world;
I still have a drive to be amongst people who bring positive change, and support them to be all they’ve been created to be;
I still long to be fruitful and put to use skills, abilities and privileges I have;
I still long to bring healing where there has been pain;
I still long to grow and mature in my character, talents and influence for goodness;
I want to serve, love and be a generous, supportive friend to others;
I want to create, to innovate, to dream, to make something exceptional happen in this world:
I want to be broken and to be strong, to love others and see beautiful dreams come to life.

But also
I want to
love every
last little
of my baby.

I want to affirm her, care for her, provide for her, invest and help shape her. To love her with my wife and see her become a wonderful woman who loves this world, and changes lives. To see the world through the eyes of wonder and excitement. The things that were so important take on a different shape. I may simply be a love-sick Daddy who adores his little girl, and that soon all these soppy emotions will disappear.

I hope that throughout her life, and the rest of my life I don’t get consumed with placing importance and significance in anything, that is to the detriment of the joyful responsibility I have in loving her. Yes, I know all you parents will sigh at my idealism. The truth is I will try hard but will make mistakes as a father, and I will find the balance to be difficult going forward. But please, Caleb, make the difference in the way you love your family.

So often the most important things in our lives don’t take up the most important space in our hearts and minds. We are shaped and moulded into what society says is of most worth – money, wealth, riches, success, fame, glory, big house, big car, glamour, adulation, respect, popularity and respect. These take up far more column inches than other things, and we become influenced to focus on these things at the expense of everything else.

What is most important in your life? Where do you invest your time? I’m not going to stand here and tell you what that should look like? But are you willing to let go of the empty and, at times, more vacuous desires in search of what really is most important?

If your answer is yes to that second question, I’m with you on that one.

  • Roger Mitchell

    Great questions the answers to which become, I think, more complex, as life proceeds beyond wonderful moments like this one! But yes it’s at times like these that they are concentrated down to heart matters which if not resolved simply like you are indicating, will never be rightly sorted in future more complicated times.

  • anthony trivino

    As a Father myself this is one of the perennial questions I have wrestled with….
    It is an inherent good to love your child with everything you have and are. For Fathers quality time and putting their family before career and other distractions is definitely of utmost importance.
    However I also think that part of our helping children become all they can be is wrapped up in us continuing to live life to the full and persuing our dreams. Their life, fulfilment and freedom is intrinsically wrapped up in ours.
    What I have found is that having children and responding to their needs and love is the most organic way of becoming a better person. It can be so hard to go that extra mile, to love and put their needs first but somehow in that process your capacity to love grows and the meaning of life inches ever closer to your heart.