Like To Be Right? You Need To Be Wrong

Like To Be Right? You Need To Be Wrong

Everyone wants to be right and no one wants to be wrong. But when you permission yourself to be wrong the ideas begin to flow.

If you idolise being right you idolise certainty, knowledge, reason and logic. Your confidence is in what has always worked. But what has always worked is in the past tense, and if you’re not careful,  it will lead you to get stuck in the past and make others very tense.

When you are wrong and not afraid of making mistakes, you are not stuck in past solutions, but open to new innovations for the future. Though experience is good, the experience from past solutions is often awkwardly applied into different problems that need something fresh. Something birthed from risking being wrong.

There’s a danger of manipulating an old reliable solution into a new problem. That’s easy but it doesn’t always work. Though you’d be less likely to be wrong, and more likely to be right by sticking to the script; you’re also less likely to find the spark of brilliance that is needed. It can result in a solution that is clumsy, clunky and doesn’t work. Amongst similar minded people, you may not be blamed, lose your job or contact as a result of doing what’s right.

But it’s bad business. Because business moves and evolves. And are you too afraid of that because you need to be right?

Embrace being wrong, take the risk and follow those people before you who believed that it’s OK to be wrong. The light bulb, the car, the computer, the wheel, and the television. The iPhone, Twitter, Wireless, Open Data, and GPS. Things need to move, evolve, grow, change shape and adapt. People need to shape up the future, and move with an ever changing dynamic world.  Thank God; that people are prepared to get things wrong.