Love & Riches –The Power of Community & Belonging To Others

Love and Riches – The Power of Community And Belonging In The Hearts Of Others

Community can be so powerful. For the last three weeks friends have signed up to a food rota to bring meals round to our house. For those of you who have had kids, if you can remember those first few weeks of this little bundle arriving in your arms, it’s the perfect gift and example of love in action. We could focus and have time to get used to our new baby, catch up on sleep and understand the different sounds she makes. Some aren’t to be understand, their simply there to melt your heart.

Each day at around 7 o’clock, we’ve looked forward to which friends are going to be coming round. They’ve come armed with delicious, tenderly made food, beautiful cards, flowers and presents. They don’t want to intrude whilst you’re still finding your feet, so normally people just pop round to leave the food and leave. But the truth is you want them to share the moment with you, hold your bundle and share this most precious moment in life with you. It’s so precious to know the love of others, to experience their intimacy and kindness and to share life, dreams and desires.

It’s humbling to be loved in this way, and makes you realise just how much you can take others for granted.

How can you show those around you that you love them? How can you soften your heart to allow a depth of love to grow for them, where you simply want to give and serve them?

Yes I know this is a blog exploring issues around leadership, and so therefore leaders are about being successful, running great businesses and making lots of money. Well, is that what leadership is about? Sure, that’s one aspect of leadership for some people, but surely leadership is more than that.

Busyness creates selfishness and selfishness is a barrier to love. A barrier to loving others is a barrier to receiving love. Although we don’t love in order to be loved, if we lack receiving love we can lose the wonder of life. Ego drives ambition and ambition leads to busyness……….and thus the cycle continues.

How can you lose some of that ego and short-circuit straight to loving others?

Today, why don’t you knock off one of the items on your impressive to-do list, and make a decision to go out of your way to love someone?

Whether it be buying flowers for your wife, writing a card to your partner, booking a meal out as a surprise, writing a letter of appreciation to a friend, making an introduction someone needs, calling someone to say you care, visiting someone in hospital, offering to babysit a couple who need to get out or giving some money to someone struggling. Alternatively, you could even give a friend whose a competitor a business lead. Foolish some may say; generous and loving I’d respond.

Whatever it takes, allow that space and time for your heart to be softened so that you can know the richness of love. And if you are caught up in the selfish trap, start off by loving others for yourself. You’ll feel good thinking of someone, like you’re a little more human. Before too long, you may find your heart being stirred to give more of yourself. You may even know that loving others surpasses your desire and drive for greater success and more money.

True love brings more richness than great wealth.