Empire Avenue Investment Tips for ‘Social Media Managers’

Empire Avenue Investment Tips for ‘Social Media Managers’

Many businesses are now familiar with the need to have a Social Media Manager. There’s an art to successfully engaging online, and it requires a specific approach, mindset and flair to do this well. This is separate from a Marketing, SEO or PR role, although clearly there is strong overlap and sometimes in smaller businesses one person can fulfill a myriad of roles.

Large businesses are increasingly looking to bring social media managers in-house, as opposed to using external agencies. Why? Because it’s cheaper, and the culture can be communicated more easily, and sit comfortably within the control of the business.

But sometimes, the challenge a social media manager finds, is the need to re-educate their superiors as to the purposes of social media. One of the guys I coach, works for a large multinational, and 85% of his work ends up being ‘political’ as he has to try to challenge the mindset to customer marketing and engagement. He finds himself banging his head against walls as he attempts to move the company into the world of social media.

Well, I’ve got good news, the challenging social media manager role is about to get a whole load worse. If you’ve been banging your head, you’re now going to be getting it chopped off.

‘Please Boss; I need to spend a lot more of my time playing a game, hanging out in chat rooms and investing in shares……it’s central to our social media strategy. And can I work from home for a few days, as I’ve become a little addicted to it, and I can only concentrate in a darkly lit room. It’s work. I promise!’

Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

Up until now a Social Media Manager has needed to understand relational communication; honesty and authenticity, good organisation skills and how to navigate fluidly and interconnectedly around web2.0 platforms. With each new social media site and application, different skills and tools have been needed. For many savvy Social Media Managers, they’ve taken this in their stride.

From uploading photographs, leaving witty insightful comments, logging in to locations, setting up WordPress blogs, integrating applications, condensing information down to 140 characters, blogging and creating videos, a Social Media Manager has always had the need to be versatile, adaptive, sharp and creative. They’ve walked with large steps, taking the world in around them. With each stride they’ve exuded an air of both humility and confidence, safe in the knowledge that they know more than the colleagues around them on the ‘mystery’ of social media. They might not feel in control, but they certainly look it.

Then Empire Avenue appears on the scene and everything’s changing.

Everyone’s ordering books on ‘Stock Markets and Trading’ through Amazon. It’s not enough to be a smooth operator online, today’s Social Media Manager now needs to know how to trade on the stock market. What’s next- ‘Social Media does Molecular Biology?’

I’m sure there are lots of Social Media Managers who are loving the challenge, and I’m sure there are those whose heads are frazzled, from the level of information they need to take in. Empire Avenue makes you work to understand the dynamics of both the site and the game, and at this stage, that’s just what’s needed.

They don’t hand it to you on a plate- and whether that’s intentional or not it’s a good approach (up to a point). You often don’t get good at anything, until you’ve had to graft over it. When you graft, you get hooked. That’s what is creating all the die-hard fans, because they have invested a lot of energy and passion into it. When they simplify it, which they are working towards, these die-hards will be there to sustain the community.

So if you’re trying to work out what dividends are, wondering how to avoid buying when there’s a 30% commission or when to ditch your stock, I’m here to point you in the right direction.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll know someone who does. And when it comes to trading, one day you may fulfil your dream of screaming ‘buy buy buy’ down a telephone, (whist chewing on a fat cigar), but in the meantime for those less drawn to the life of Gecko, I hope these pointers are helpful.

Here’s 10 pointers to investing on Empire Avenue for Social Media Managers.

1. Get the right advisors. Find people who have their fingers on the pulse and who recommend good stock. They’re normally vocal in forums, have a good level of Empire Avenue wealth and you see their name crop up next to good investments.

Come and tell me your Empire Avenue need on Twitter and I’ll recommend the right person to you. In the meantime I’d strongly recommend Dr Ron Kapps aka @nicheproff and his community Empire Avenue Tips. A great stock tips community is Team Zen run by @angler @yash @vno @zen @denki @bameli @juscur @okmmh @pod101 @scuba @larre Buy your advisors stock, both as an advance thank you, but also so you can see what they’re buying, by looking at your homepage. It’s the privilege of being one of their shareholders.

Or if you’re not generous spirited (where therefore you’re going to struggle getting the purpose and significance of Empire Avenue) and you don’t want to invest your Eaves in them, you can go to their profile page to look at their recent transactions, and get the information that way.

The top 5 are the important ones. I need to prioritise my Facebook Fan Page.

2. Check their social media scores and Empire Avenue activity. When assessing a purchase, visit the potential ‘preys’ profile page and look at the scores that are found on their social media accounts. Empire Avenue looks at the 5 highest scoring platforms, when working out the overall scores.

Also watch their activity on the site. Are they getting involved and engaged in the site? Are they buying and investing? Are they using other social media? These activity increases their wealth, which in due course has a reflection on the dividend that you will receive. There’s no point sinking lots of Eaves into someone who doesn’t seem to be active through their networks or on Empire Avenue. They may have missed the point of the community, become disillusioned with it and therefore will not produce the same returns…so steer clear.

3. Dividends. It’s not all about the share price; these rise and fall, but instead focus on the strength of their dividends. Dividends equate to the number of Eaves that you will be paid by the business or person you have invested in. It often takes someone a little time to get their dividends going, so even though they may have returned a great return from the share price increase, don’t jump ship, unless they’re not producing a good long-term investment with a healthy dividend return.

@Dominooracle is brilliant at understanding this and you’ll often find him in the chat rooms helping people out. He’s on my case to up my divs.

Lady Ga Ga on Empire?

Ok we all get things wrong! Doh!

4. Buy the well known ‘newcomers’ before the increased commission of 15% or 30% kicks in. When someone sees a famous company or personality, everyone jumps onto it, and commission increases kick in. Get in early, even if you’re not sure if the persons real. If they end up being fake (yes, I bought into Mark Zuckerberg and Lady Ga Ga early doors) you get refunded those Eaves when they are kicked off. Don’t sell up if you find a fake as you will lose a 5% commission fee. Hold tight and you wont lose (except a bit of ego, and that’s never a bad thing).

5. Learn to Hustle- you want your share price to go up, so you need to hustle. It’s like trading properties on monopoly. Generally you need to know what you want, and you need to learn how to influence and get the win win for all. The art to this is to give it a go, and tweak your approach as you learn how the community responds to it.

This hustling could be done through cheeky posts and comments, engaging in chat room banter, or asking Empire Avenue friends to invest some more to get you over the top of a milestone.
There’s a subtle difference between hustling and spamming. Spamming people by walking into a chat room and shouting ‘Buy me’ without engaging in conversation or listening to others is rude. You wouldn’t do that offline. Instead throw some humour in, whilst being clear about what you need.

Increase the Number of Empire Avenue Shares you can buy to 500

6. Remind people that the number of shares that shareholders can buy from you, increases to 500, from 200 after the first week. That’s a good time to remind people they can up their price in you. Truth is, if you’ve done your job well, many of your Empire Avenue shareholders should be maxed out in you, so you’re doing them a favour by reminding them to buy more. Perhaps do this, in a shareholders email.

Also consider paying 350,000 Eaves to upgrade, in order to buy up to 500 shares from other people. (May take a while to earn that, but you can pay less for 300 or 400 share purchases). There’s no point putting all that research into finding the right people, without being able to get as many shares in them as you’d like.

7. Sell shares when someone’s activity has dropped off and the price is turning. There will be many who will be active at the beginning of their involvement on the site and as with anything, they’ll lose interest. They aren’t willing or able to put the work in to become good at trading and networking on Empire Avenue, and they walk away. For some it simply wont be their thing, which is fair enough. No point hanging on to a dead duck.


8. Enjoy it. It’s a game (with a huge networking and connecting element). Get competitive. If I play a game of football, I want to do well. If possible, I’d love to score a goal and I want our team to win. Try and do well on Empire Avenue. Yes you need to understand the rules of the game, and learn the best techniques, but get some good ball action. You’ll make some bad moves, but will learn from them, and adjust your play as a result. There’s few fixed rules, and organically the site will continue to change and be shaped by the community as it grows.

This is the dynamic that sets it apart from other sites- because it’s actually in the game that people let down the barriers. There will naturally be a fun sense of competition.

Empire Avenue Chat

Go for a high position in your Index. Embrace the leadership tables, and get yourself up there. Play to win! But be a fun player. As soon as a business loses their sense of humour and takes themselves too seriously, the combined value is lost.

9. Tweet #SocialEmpire asking to join the Facebook group. This is without doubt for me the friendliest space online. There’s a whole lot of love, stimulating conversations, hot tips for investment, great insights and wisdom and a chance to get to know old timers who’ve been here since the beginning. Expect when you enter to have lots of people say hello and welcome you in.

10. Chat in the chat rooms and ask people for advice. We all learn from those who are more experienced, and there’s many people who love to pass on their wisdom. These relational leaders will give you the time of day. There’s a regular help chat with #SocialEmpire in the Empire Avenue chat rooms. Often the Empire Avenue team are there sharing ideas too, helping people with advice or just hanging out.

You may see webinars advertised by people willing to offer support- @nicheprof and @smheadhunter would be good to talk to about that- that’s a great way to learn. In a while, there’s a likelihood that this will be commoditised, with a bunch of Empire Avenue related consultancy and practitioner businesses springing up. Grab the advice whilst it’s free. It’s not quite clear yet who the Warren Buffett of Empire Avenue will be, but look out for the Empire Avenue users who are worth more than their weight in gold, and get chatting to them.

There’s so much more that could be said, but I hope this helps all those Social Media Managers- you know you all love a challenge. Can you see the potential of Empire Avenue and ways that it could be used for your business? Can you influence your superiors, weigh up the pros and cons of getting involved in the site, and still give it a whirl? It’s time to brush up on those trading skills, and as your normal charm, wit and intelligence comes shining through, let your numbers compliment them and speak of a big rise: in price, in connection, in social currency, and in success.
If you’re a business looking for a Social Media Manager, I know a few highly talented people who could be suitable, so please contact me on twitter- @calebstorkey and follow me- I’ll follow you back and then DM you with their details for gratis.

Additionally, Jim Durban, aka @SMHEADHUNTER who is a Social Media Headhunter, has a great jobs board, and has his finger on the pulse as to who the hot Social Media Management talent out there is. So please go there and check that out.

If you’re a Social Media Manager- come and introduce yourself and let’s hear your experiences of playing with Empire Avenue. How do you drive up your share price and invest on Empire Avenue? What excites or concerns you? What are some of the best tips you’ve learned, that you can pass on?

Or if you’re simply an Empire Avenue addict, put your addiction to use and please share your wisdom with us all. How do you invest? Please feel free to add links to any blogs you’ve written with Empire Avenue investment tips so we can learn from you?

Look forward to hearing from you. As always I love to chat with all and I’ll be sure to respond. Please do follow me on Twitter and subscribe to this blog. Thank you @caleb


  • http://domino-oracle.com/blog Domino Oracle

    Great article, Caleb! You’ve done yourself proud with this. Thanks for the shoutout, too. :)

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thanks Tom! Appreciate the encouragement, and as always your understanding of all things Empire Avenue! You deserve the shoutout- you’re one of those grafters that gets on with it, and helps us all along the way! My shoutout was from many of us!

  • http://empireavenue.com/TUX191 Kees denHartigh

    You got me going with e(ladygaga) . Thought I had missed something!

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      That made me chuckle Kees. When she came on, I was suitably giddy, only to be a chump when she was pulled!

  • http://www.rickliebling.com Rick Liebling

    Great stuff Caleb. I’m learning so much from great posts like this.

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thanks Rick! I’m glad it was helpful! More on the way, so keep tuned!

  • http://OhSocial.com Carole Baker

    Flippin awesome write-up Caleb. I’m in awe.

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thanks Carole! As always you are one of the most encouraging people here on Empire Avenue! Thank you :)

  • http://www.setsocial.com SetSocial

    Great article Caleb. I’ve been on for a week and I learned a few things from it, so I’m sure newer people who are just joining will get huge benefits from it. And I fell for the fake Lady GaGa as well (but I didn’t know that I got refunded the EVs – I thought I just lost them). On a less serious note, check out my new pet-project on funny/interesting EmpireAvenue ads:


  • http://about.me/samrexford Sam e(SAMR)

    Radical. Thank’s for this – bookmarked! Will be referring back to it when I try and sell Empire to my three new clients!! (Can’t wait for their befuddled looks!)


    http://twitter.com/samrexford | http://empireavenue.com/samr

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Well done Sam- so pleased it was helpful. Love to find out how you’ve found your clients responding to it. Keep in touch and let us know. What tips can you pass on to sell the benefits of Empire Avenue to clients – best wishes in pushing past the befuddle. Go get ’em! Caleb

  • http://www.empireavenue.com/cynl Cyanilla Latte (e)CYNL

    That’s what I call a complete article.
    Loving your consistent strategy to hit 100.Be sure everyone will be supporting on your way up.

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thx Cyanilla – and honoured to have you as a shareholder :) – glad you liked the shareholder mail. The adventure continues! Thanks again :)

  • Tom West

    Good advice Caleb, now do a piece on how to get unhooked!

    My great strategy is to set up a web service called EA Anonymous to help people deal with their addiction..

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thanks Tom! Great idea- the 12 steps to freedom! Number one- admit you have an addiction- well you’ve managed that one, so well on the way! Lovely to see you weigh in…. Expecting the Tom West banter! Big loves, Caleb x

  • http://punditcommentator.blogspot.com Pundit Commentator

    These are great tips on what to do and how to invest once you’ve figured out the site a little bit. Many people feel overwhelmed and drop out immediately because they don’t want to look stupid asking the most basic questions. I wrote up an article for those people. It’s like a preamble to this. See my guest post at Wise Marketing blog in the U.K. explaining Empire Avenue and sharing my list of top 10 to-do tips to Day 1 Newbies. http://bit.ly/kU9d8O

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thanks for that. You’re right Pundit! Some people who do feel overwhelmed by Empire Avenue before they’ve got going, so I’m sure that will be helpful to people. Keep in touch :)

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  • Daniel Schell

    As a new EAv player, and as a job seker, there is a wealth of useful info just in this single article. Thank you, Caleb. I’ll be referencing this often!

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Good! I’m really glad it’s helpful to you! That’s why I’ve written it. There’s a few other posts on here, that will help on a job front. Do have a dig around and let me know if there’s any specific questions you’ve got which can get covered in a blog! Thanks again Daniel!

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    I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

  • http://www.ithinkmedia.co.uk TheDavecable

    Truly one of the most informative posts I’ve read on Empire Avenue. Really glad I’ve managed to make a connection with you as you continue to provide me with great value. Apologies for the shameless plug, but I’ve just added my first post on EA and know it may prove useful to your readers – looking at just the sheer volume of big brands joining – very interesting. http://bit.ly/muDY2I Looking forward to your next Empire AV post, which I am sure is being penned soon!

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Hi Dave- don’t be embarrassed about plugging you post- you engage, you communicate, you listen, you add value, why wouldn’t I want it added! Thanks for doing so and in case it was missed, please see http://bit.ly/muDY2I. You’ve mentioned that you’re looking to write another blog shortly (I’ll look forward to that)- What aspects are interesting you and what do you think needs exploring?

      I think there’s a lot of interesting thoughts that could be thrown around with Shareholders meeting. Bit of a blue sky thinking session, but I’ve got loads of ideas I’d love to throw around……

      The other big bit of work I think is needed, is the curve to make it easier for people to engage without giving up! It’s a sharp learning curve, and it would be great to make it less steep…..

      What about you Dave- what can we look forward to?

      • http://www.ithinkmedia.co.uk TheDavecable

        Thanks for the support Caleb, appreciated.

        I have been luck enough to connect with two other big players on EA, Jim Durbin (e)SMHEADHUNTER and Dr Ron Capps (e)NICHEPROF and hopefully getting their input on my next post. The types of questions I have asked has revolved around using EA as a social monitoring tool, any stumbling blocks they can see in the way for EA and other bits and pieces.

        The one question I would love to get some feedback from you and your lovely followers/readers is related to a comment I recently had on another article I recently posted – what do you think to this?:

        “Most people who use social media do so because they’ve nothing better to do. One day they will…”

        Can’t wait for your thoughts and thanks again.

        • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

          Great- the next post sounds great. Will look forward to that. Both Jim and Ron have some great things to say and share!

          I think the reasons why people dislike Social Media is for one of the following reasons:

          – That they haven’t got time for social media and professionally they don’t see the commercial benefit.
          – That they prefer privacy, as opposed to being on public show or others having the ability to be contact them when they may not wish to be contactable.
          – That they believe it takes away from face to face communication, and social media communication is often a a weaker substitute to this.
          – That they feel overwhelmed from being on, and having to make contact with so many people all the time.
          – It provides a poor Return on Investment professionally (in their opinion) and they are too overwhelmed with friendships and family already.
          – They don’t see the point, because they’ve never got round to it….

          But I must say, that for me it is one aspect of my communication, learning and thinking. And a vitally important aspect. It will never replace face to face engagement, and I always hunger for a deeper depth in order that I can form more significant friendships and interactions, but without social media I’d often never meet a bunch of the people who fascinate me and have become good friends.

          Why is it important to you Dave?

          • http://www.ithinkmedia.co.uk TheDavecable

            Looking forward to putting together the post ad you’re right, Jim and Ron are great.

            As for why social is important to me, it keeps me connected to my industry. Having not been ‘practising’ social media for long, I NEED to keep reading to discover how to keep on top of my game and those in the know in social media are great at sharing valuable content.

            As for the reasons to why businesses should be involved: this is where your customers are now! Smartphones have boomed in sales over the past few years, leading to the public having the ability to give their opinion on products and businesses instantly that can be viewed by thousands of people. If businesses are not engaged online then they are missing the chance to build brand advocates, deal swiftly with negative feedback and grow their audience further – mostly for free too! Seems a bit of a no brainer to be honest, but still we find ourselves having to ‘convince’ businesses to use this platform.

            Soon everyone will be all over social – hopefully!

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  • http://distinctly.co Bryan Hertford

    Some really great tips there, a lot of which are very simple to apply. I would like to see other social networks such as Plurk or Fouresquare covered in future articles.

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    Just to clarify, after the first week one is still restricted on buying 200 of any shares until they qualify to upgrade to buy more. It is a little hard to work out on EA when this happens unfortunately.  Good clear article is helpful for newbies.