Get Scribbling Your Ideas


A4 Scribble

If you can’t communicate an idea on one side of an A4 notebook then the idea’s not ready.

Sitting down with a pen, drawing circles and scribbling lines to emphasise your points is one of the greatest reasons to come up with a groundbreaking idea. The scribble helps clarify the meaning, the rough sketch gives people a chance to engage with an idea as opposed to opting out because it’s already polished. People don’t believe polish.

They say they want it, but they’re lying. Really, truly, deep down many people want to be at the beginning. It excites them, reminds them of what it means to breathe in those breaths of inspiration and gives them life. There is nothing more exciting than sitting down with someone, visually sketching out your journey of thinking, and communicating your rhythm of understanding, and inspired ideas. You know when they are listening, the scribble doesn’t allow them to be passive and illustrates your openness to their input. You can even emphasise passion and heartfelt desires with extra circles and extra lines. The Expert Scribbles, give others the pen to scribble on their masterpiece. It’s hard not to listen!

From the sketch comes something worth polishing. The beauty is the idea in its most basic form. As soon as it becomes polished it’s commercialised, it’s commodified. It becomes more untouchable and bureaucratic. The idea is too sure of itself and not open to fresh input. It’s closed off to other people.

Next time you want to influence and persuade someone with your thoughts; next time you want someones input to shape up your idea; next time you are looking to recruit someone into your organisation; next time you want creativity to flow within a brainstorming session get scribbling. Get rid of the polish, the keynote presentation, the smart graphs and the long executive summary.

Just remember how many dreams were birthed from scribbles on a restaurant napkin.

Get scribbling. Get creating.

Please email me photos of your scribbles. I’d love to see.