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You will have noticed that I have been quiet the last few weeks here on this blog.

I’ve been busy getting a new blog up and running called Empire Avenue TV. Instead of posting ongoing Empire Avenue content here, I will be posting the content over there. Very excited about making a place to interview folk, write-up interesting helpful content and I hope that the people who get to know me there, will migrate over here to explore some of the thoughts, ideas and perceptive I love to explore!

This will then free up the focus on here to be on relational leadership & business development. Some content from there may end up on here, and some thoughts explored here, may be related into an Empire Avenue framework. I love blogging, I love writing, and I really hope that I can write the content that will help you as you grow your business and grow your leadership skills.

I will now be back to blogging regularly on both sites. In the meantime, just wanted to drop a quick explanation up here.

Big loves as always gorgeous people.


  • http://www.parliament597.wordpress.com Katie

    This sounds fantastic! Really looking forward to your insight on EA. Loving it all, Caleb!

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thanks Katie- glad you met Tom! There’s a lot of amazing people over at Empire Avenue. I need to get back to writing content on here too! I’m looking forward to catchin up and reading your latest blogs! As always a major entertainment :)