Mixing Business With Pleasure

A few years ago, I read the 4 Hour Work Week. It’s a very interesting book by Tim Ferris, and it challenged my thinking in a very positive way.

It’s so easy to be busy.

How are you? Busy.

Yeah yeah yeah. You think it makes you sound important- to be honest, it’s a little boring.

Well I’ve been deciding to make those crucial decisions that free up time, enjoyment and life, whilst still deliver great success and fruitfulness. I don’t want to be boring, and I don’t want to be busy. I want to be fruitful and exciting. Oh how twee.

So I’m writing this now, as I sit in David Lloyds, having been sat outside sunning myself (on one of the few days it’s sunny) reading a book. I always enjoy work, but I’ve really enjoyed this thinking and reflection time, and whatsmore it’s in the middle of the day. When the sun shines in Manchester, you have to jump on it.

I feel privileged to be in a position where I work with people who look at the results, as opposed to obsessing about being sat in an office for a set number of hours. And because I am motivated by results, life feels spacious and more balanced. I feel more motivated and more energised. Space and time is created to think & strategise and ensure that decisions being made are good ones. I’ve noticed there’s less ‘hoping’ decisions work out, but a greater level of confidence as I’ve given myself more space to allow my thinking to catch up. It’s not rocket science, but it sure is enjoyable.

I wrote a blog a while back called When The Sun Shines Take a Break. It has a bit of a naff poem in it, but I was reminded of it today in the sun. So allow me to extend that invitation out to you. I hope you find a way to get a bit more space then you normally would, to have some relaxing and thinking time (and a few rays of sunshine along the way)…

Peace and love to you.