Products Aren’t Built To Last

When did this happen?

You have a washing machine and it breaks down after 3 years.

You get a iPhone and it lasts just over 12 months.

You get a pair of jeans and they rip in those places you really don’t want them to rip….well certainly not within 12 months.

OK- forgive me for harking back to a ‘The Good Old Years’ tone. But when I was a kid, we had a washing machine that lasted for 12- 15 years. I bet if you actually went back to the house, it’s probably still churning away, albeit by now eating the clothes. Our phone was there for at least 10 years (it was of course a landline) and as for the jeans, well that went through a few generations of use. We always got them from jumble sales, and they got passed down the family line.

So I’m just trying to work out how advanced we have become with our new technologies and fashions. Why don’t they last very long? Well obviously, it’s easy to be cynical and recognise that businesses make more money when you have to buy replacements. So it’s clearly all the manufacturers and businesses fault?

When I was last at Glastonbury, I realised again, that actually it’s as much our fault. We are happy to throw away tents after a weekends use, because in all honesty, we can’t be bothered to pack them up. Disposable income truly is disposable.

So companies out there, I’m keen to be looked after as someone who wants to buy something that will last. I don’t want to buy crap that breaks. You may get fewer purchases from me, but you’ll get a loyal customer who will keep coming back to you. And as I find a way of being more frugal, and less wasteful, I’ll be sure to spread the good news of the things that last.

Please write and tell me what brands and products have you bought that have lasted? How long do you think a phone should work for? Love to hear your thoughts…..