New Direction- The Spirit of The Start Up

I was listening to Mitch Joel’s’, Six Pixels of Separation Yesterday, and I had a moment.

I love to talk about start-ups: to share tools, ideas and thinking that help others, and to have conversations with amazing people who are doing incredible things.

For some time, I’ve not made time to write this blog, because I’ve been busy doing just that. Too much time enjoying the doing, and not enough time to reflect on the doing. But actually, collecting my thoughts in these areas is what I do every few days, so instead I thought I’d put this thinking out as a blog.

So I’m re-focusing this blog, and going to call it ‘Business Revolutionaries- The Spirit of a Start Up.

What you can expect through this blog is thoughts and tools on the following:

Exploring the traits and characteristics that make good leaders, from understanding personality types and playing to your strengths to being aware of your weaknesses, and how you ensure those areas are covered by other members in your team.

Social Media, Online Trends
Strategies, tips, the best tools and important changes within the social media landscape. Commenting on the latest changes online: what excites me from what is reported in tech news- from collaborative consumption to mobile, local to real time, offline to online and everything in between.

Tips, tools and software that saves time, and increases productivity. Checking out the tried and tested ways to make your time more valuable.

Books, videos and resources that help improve your thinking and strategy. Providing you with the ‘take aways’ to speed up your learning.

What to implement to turn an idea into a reality. Looking at how to focus on the core strategies that will grow your company dramatically.

Some pretty ambitious stuff there I know. I love this space that we have the pleasure of sharing and as I work each day to bring to reality some incredible ideas, I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Bring on the revolution.

  • Martin Scott

    Ambitious, but you have a reader waiting here. Go for it – good to see you writing again.