My Top 3 Tech Items Ive Used To Lose Weight


Nike Fuel Band

My Top 3 Tech Items I’ve Used To Lose Weight

I like New Years Resolutions, and I got a head start on this from last Summer, but I’ve shed 3 stone and have a further 2 to go. I thought I’d outline some of the best apps and devices out there that I think can be a good assistance. And before you moan at me, I know that none of this replaces, actually eating well and doing regular exercise. I’ve just found these additions and extra motivations.

Nike Fuel Band
I was at SXSW last year when these were launched, and I resisted the lure of the new and watched to see how good they were. I talk the plunge in the Summer, and have loved it.

The Nike Fuel Band works in short to track the number of steps you track (Pedometer), calories you burn (I don’t really look or trust its accuracy) and the number of Fuel Points you have earnt that day. And the best bit is that it syncs up with your iPhone easily and you can compete with your Facebook or Twitter friends who have also got Fuel bands.

Love it. There’s not much else that has hit me dripping going constantly up to midnight on a Sunday night to beat my friend in a competition. The outcome now is I talk on the phone lots more when walking, as opposed to being at my desk. The battery lasts for some time before needing to be recharged, and it feels very subtle when wearing but shines up beautifully when you press the button. It stopped working at one point and I took it into store to get exchanged and they did without a receipt and without asking questions. I liked that. I’d strongly recommend one of these.

I enter my food consumption in here as well as my exercise. It does not have the design finesses that Nike have- but, look past that. It’s also not as automated as Nike Fuel Plus, in that I don’t just have to press a button once every three days, with this app I enter in what foods I have consumed and what exercise I have done. You set a long-term goal and a daily goal (which then indicates how long it will take you to reach your long-term goal if you keep within that). Throughout the day you add the foods in, it helps you realise how many calories are in each item. It becomes a lot quicker as you put more foods in, and before long, it’s only a few seconds for each entrance. There’s a peer motivation level with MyFitnessPal, where you can encourage others who are working towards that goal. I like this element as I love to be part of a tribe working towards something.

The Withings Scale
I know the major challenge having lost all this weight will be not putting it back on. The beauty of this is that you can tread on it when you’re have asleep before you get in the shower without thinking about it, and it automatically sends the data to its own app, or even better to MyfitnessPal. If I see a movement up of a few pounds, I can take some action to keep myself back within my ideal weight bracket. Naturally, normally scales can do this, but it also tracks when and where I put on weight. Combining that with entering the data on MyfitnessPal, I can see what actions of mine and at what points these increases happen. Will help to plan my fitness and eating better if I can see a repeated pattern emerging. (Yes, I know that most people know that if you have a curry night and beer with the boys, that you need to cut down and do some exercise the following day! I just like it when technology tells me that).

Others I’m going to be trying out further shortly. What tech do you use to help you stay fit or get fit?

  • Ron Callari

    Sounds gr8  but very pricey for the average Joe! 

    • Caleb Storkey

      Hey Ron! Yes- I hear what you’re saying and I am an average Joe. The fuel band and scales are a bit pricey. Both approaches can be replicated with a cheap pedometer and wait for it…..a normal set of scales. 

      To be honest for the £200 investment, I’ve found it’s saved me a lot in buying expensive crap food, and over the last 6 months, I’ll easily have saved that in eating more healthily….

      Thanks for your comment Ron….