Save 1 Hour A Week In The Next 8 Mins


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Save 1 Hour A Week In The Next 8 Mins

I’m still a fan of email. I always keep my inbox emptied and generally work with a Getting Things Done methodology.

But to keep my promise with the timing on the above title, check out these three websites to declutter your email.

Between the three of them, you will automatically be able to unsubscribe to emails in seconds, automatically prioritise and adjust the education of which emails are important and have them go to separate inbox’s and drag and drop crap emails to unsubscribe folder where it will automatically unsubscribe it. My inbox was needing a quick overhaul and I’ve saved myself over an hour each week. It took me about 8 mins to do it, and I’m happy with the outcome. If you have more than 8 minutes on your hands, tell us what tools you use to save time with your emails. Otherwise, for the rest of you…Ready steady, go.