You’re Not Smart When You Multi-Task

You're Not Smart When You Multi-Task Reports have repeatedly shown we ‘multi task’ our concentration away and get less done. We’re distracted and lose the focus of delivering and completing projects. It leaves us frazzled, irritated & stressed. And when it comes to conversations with others this is not only an unproductive way of communicating, but it's potentially rude (put your phone down) and risks details and depth being missed. … [Read more...]

How to Increase Prices without Offending Customers

This is a guest post by Eddy Hood. He helps entrepreneurs make $250,000 or more in their companies. You can read his blog and follow him on Twitter. When I was 13, there was an electric guitar hidden under the couch. It was Christmas morning; I had been hoping for one and the parents delivered! That was a good surprise. Fast forward 15 years and I’m laid off from a job due to the 2008 recession. I was working for a homebuilder at the time, … [Read more...]

Nics Fight Celebration

Some of you will know the fight that we had with Friends Life Insurance Company when they wouldn't pay out an insurance claim to the family of a Nic who tragically died from Cancer. I never knew him, but along with thousands of others, felt the sniff of injustice and wanted to lend my energies to see transformation of the situation. For more information, check out the following links: My Previous Blog Post. Nics Fight Website. … [Read more...]

See How Easily You Can Learn From Your Mistakes By Starting With Why?

See How Easily You Can Learn From Your Mistakes By Starting With Why? I've been fascinated by the question 'Why' for a long time. 'Why' is always a question I love to ask people, as the answers often unlock more interesting and insightful conversations. Our little baby Iona has reached that stage where everything is a 'Why.' Generally I find that her most natural way of observing the world before competition, self image, need for approval and … [Read more...]

10 reasons I Chose to Use Kickstarter

10 reasons I Chose to Use Kickstarter In December I made a decision. I decided to get stuck in with Kickstarter and work towards putting online a Kickstarter project around a passion. I want to take a bit of time out to focus solely on writing, speaking, podcasting and creating video content. And as in the big wide world, of the big wide web, I'm not a Robert Scoble and I can't find a company like Rackspace to pay for me and a … [Read more...]

Todays Revolutionaries Become Tomorrows Dictators

Todays Revolutionaries Become Tomorrows Dictators I think Mark Zuckerberg has got a good instinctive gut and I highly rate him. When Zuckerberg was at Harvard, students wanted the university to develop an internal website that would include photos of people and their contact details. The University was reluctant and Zuckerberg created Facemash. It was popular. Servers crashed. Facemash was shut down. Zuckerberg was slated and apologised. … [Read more...]

NicsFight – ‘Friends Life Insurance’ Refuse to Pay Cancer Claim

Nics Fight -Friends Life Insurance Refuse to Pay Cancer Claim. Take Action I follow @Kesterbrewin, a great writer and thinker. I saw a tweet and wanted to find out more. He sent me to this link about Nicsfight. Before you go anywhere else- go to it: Nicsfight- sign the petition I went there and I was incredibly moved to read about Nic and the issue with Friends Life Insurance. Nic seems like an incredibly genuine loving guy and … [Read more...]

Starbucks Tax- My Open Letter Response to Kris Engskov

Starbucks Tax- My Open Letter Response to Kris Engskov Kris Engskov, thanks for your letter today in the papers. I wanted to write back. I applaud you for the announcement. It’s great that Starbucks UK has committed to pay at last £20m in tax over the next 2 years, regardless of profit levels. However, I think something more significant can be done, so that Starbucks is not just seen as caving in to public pressure and you are able to … [Read more...]