Empire Avenue TV

You will have noticed that I have been quiet the last few weeks here on this blog. I've been busy getting a new blog up and running called Empire Avenue TV. Instead of posting ongoing Empire Avenue content here, I will be posting the content over there. Very excited about making a place to interview folk, write-up interesting helpful content and I hope that the people who get to know me there, will migrate over here to explore some of the … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue – A Recruitment and Job Seekers Hub?

Empire Avenue – A Recruitment and Job Seekers Hub? It should be no secret that Empire Avenue will be used by businesses to recruit members of staff, and at this stage specifically those skilled in social media. Why wouldn’t it? Empire Avenue offers a chance to see people in action networking, sharing content, showing their winsome attitude to the online community. Following my previous blog post: Empire Avenue Investment Strategies for Social … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue Investment Tips for ‘Social Media Managers’

Empire Avenue Investment Tips for 'Social Media Managers' Many businesses are now familiar with the need to have a Social Media Manager. There’s an art to successfully engaging online, and it requires a specific approach, mindset and flair to do this well. This is separate from a Marketing, SEO or PR role, although clearly there is strong overlap and sometimes in smaller businesses one person can fulfill a myriad of roles. Large businesses … [Read more...]