Social Media Fast

The last couple of months, I've been having a bit of a social media fast, and it has felt great. I've been bored with Facebook. Bored with Twitter. Bored with Empire Avenue. Even bored with Blogging. Why..... because I've decided to focus on the face to face social stuff, and nothing quite beats it. Literally, I can argue all the benefits of social media- the people you meet through it, the knowledge you learn, the experiences you have. But … [Read more...]

Business Shape – Gain The World But Lose Your Soul?

Business Shape – Look At The Main Reasons Why Your Company Failed If the reason for your company failure is a lack of skill, ability, mistake that was made or a set of external circumstances affecting the organisation, then it is easily fixed next time. But what if part of the cause for your failure may be a world view challenge, which isn’t so easily resolved, and subsequently is likely to repeat itself? You need to establish a solution or at … [Read more...]

Mentoring and Coaching- Passing it down the Generations?

Mentoring and Coaching- Passing it down the generations? One of the drawbacks of a breakdown in family dynamics is the lack of contact the ‘old’ have with the ‘young.’ As a result the fruitfulness of mentoring and coaching relationships can become lost. From my perspective both generations have lost out. Perhaps it’s an idealistic viewpoint grown from watching Italian movies; the older father teaching the young son the important lessons … [Read more...]