Starbucks Tax- My Open Letter Response to Kris Engskov

Starbucks Tax- My Open Letter Response to Kris Engskov Kris Engskov, thanks for your letter today in the papers. I wanted to write back. I applaud you for the announcement. It’s great that Starbucks UK has committed to pay at last £20m in tax over the next 2 years, regardless of profit levels. However, I think something more significant can be done, so that Starbucks is not just seen as caving in to public pressure and you are able to … [Read more...]

Amazon Acquires LoveFilm

So Amazon have bought the remaining shares that they didn't already own in LoveFilm and have just announced it today. With a strong consumer presence Lovefilm provides a subscription-based movie rental and streaming service here in the UK and also Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Amazon are wanting to build a European equivalent to Netflix, which is a successful American movie distributor. It's a sensible move for Amazon, and I would say … [Read more...]

Looking after your customers as you grow: Amazon v Santander

I use to be a customer of these two companies, but now only one features in my regular bookmarks. For those of you from outside of Europe, Santander is a Spanish bank who in recent years has acquired and grown by purchasing Abbey National, Alliance and Leicester and more recently branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland. As a result in a relatively short period of time, Santander has established themselves as a very recognisable high street … [Read more...]

Amazon Affiliate Link

So I decided to put up an Amazon affiliate link. I don't imagine this will be much of an income generator as I get 5% of any people who click-through from my site onto Amazon and buy the books I've recommended. But I thought it would be quite interesting to see how it works, and so far I've been pretty impressed with the simplicity of it. It helped that I had a blog that fitted in with their colour scheme, but the widget has got your standard … [Read more...]