How to Increase Prices without Offending Customers

This is a guest post by Eddy Hood. He helps entrepreneurs make $250,000 or more in their companies. You can read his blog and follow him on Twitter. When I was 13, there was an electric guitar hidden under the couch. It was Christmas morning; I had been hoping for one and the parents delivered! That was a good surprise. Fast forward 15 years and I’m laid off from a job due to the 2008 recession. I was working for a homebuilder at the time, … [Read more...]

Humility and Incompetence

Humility is refreshing, incompetence is not. It’s not often that people say sorry. It’s seen as a sign of weakness in many circles for people to acknowledge they have got something wrong. In a ‘survival of the proudest’ world that we live in, people feel justified to fight their corner, as opposed to own up and acknowledge their mistakes. When did you last experience someone being humble in the work place? It’s refreshing when it comes. But … [Read more...]

Trust Currency- Earn Trust Before you Earn Money

Is Trust the New Currency? When people start working at a new company they function on a probationary period. In short, if they’re rubbish they won’t see month two. You could say that they need to earn trust before they earn money. For many businesses I always consider it such a shame when their sales team spends so much energy and time, working with a company to get them on board. They negotiate terms, haggle over prices,  communicate … [Read more...]

Permission Marketing- How Talking at People Doesn’t Help

Permission Marketing We see over 3,000 adverts every day. Some argue if we were to include online activity that it’s more like 10,000. We are bombarded with information and spend time switching off. Switching off our emails, switching off the TV. Just switching off. Where £235,000 is spent on a 30 second commercial during the X Factor finals we can’t remember it an hour later. Have you noticed that we don’t like companies that talk at us and … [Read more...]

Looking after your customers as you grow: Amazon v Santander

I use to be a customer of these two companies, but now only one features in my regular bookmarks. For those of you from outside of Europe, Santander is a Spanish bank who in recent years has acquired and grown by purchasing Abbey National, Alliance and Leicester and more recently branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland. As a result in a relatively short period of time, Santander has established themselves as a very recognisable high street … [Read more...]