Decision Time? Then Sleep On It

Decision Time? Then Sleep On It One of the key differences between good leaders and bad leaders, rests on their ability to make good decisions. A good leader knows how to gather all the necessary information needed, understand the consequences of either course of action, gather the experience and viewpoints of others, and be decisive in implementing the necessary actions. A bad leaders responds very quickly when making a decision and may … [Read more...]

Vision Statement- What’s Yours?

Vision Statement- What's Yours? Any leader, worth their weight in gold, will tell you one of the most important rules in business is having a good vision. The leaders vision statement is where they are heading. Along the way they will need a plan to help you reach your destination and this plan is made up of goals and results. But the vision statement is vitally important because without it, the goals count for nothing. A vision statement is … [Read more...]