Knowing The Seasons In Leadership

Knowing The Seasons In Leadership It’s important to know what season you are in as a leader. Life has different rhythms: times of activity; times of rest; times to learn, experience, develop; and times to put to use all that has been invested in you. A time for family, a time for yourself, a time for work and a time for others. One of the biggest challenges in life is to know the season you're in and where to spend your time and energies. … [Read more...]

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy I remember when I was first starting out in business, a consultant said to me, “The best thing about your company is you, and the worst thing about your company is you.” I didn’t really understand what this meant at the time but over time it certainly made sense to me. Are you your own worst enemy? Do you know what your faults are and the potential impact that this could have on your business? It sounds … [Read more...]

Spare a Thought For Your Competition

Spare a Thought For Your Competition Letting people down affects everyone. Spare a thought for your competitors when you provide a service and let a customer down. You may just excuse your mistake and explain it away as a bad week in business, however the ripple effect of this is so much bigger. Let’s take Search Engine Optimisation as an example. An SEO consultant offers his services to an insurance company saying that he can get their … [Read more...]

Office First Impressions Last – Buy Second Hand Furniture

Office First Impressions Last - Buy Second Hand Furniture Everybody likes to work in a pleasant, warm environment. However people prefer to have a job over having an expensive office desk. What is sometimes seen as necessary expenditure for a start-up company is one of the causes of the culture that kills it. Take two companies: – expensive furniture, expensive chairs, expensive offices. People who came to work for boo … [Read more...]

Visionaries Without Administration Fail

Visionaries Without Administration Fail Vision without administration is a hot air balloon without fuel. Looks impressive, gets people talking, makes a statement but doesn’t go anywhere. We’ve all met them and possibly, at one time, have been them; people with an idea where the idea stays just an idea. That's why it's so important to know your strengths and also to know your weaknesses. Often visionaries are not so good at the details. … [Read more...]

Embracing a Business Spring Clean

Have you ever noticed the dirt and mess on the floor when you move furniture out of one office and into another? Slips of paper, hole punched dots, crumbs, old crisps, mud, carpet ends, spilt coffee and pens. I’m sure you can imagine how much mess accumulates under desks and behind filing cabinets. Change has a habit of doing that. It shows what is messy. But don’t let that put you off the necessary changes you make. You wouldn’t put off an … [Read more...]

Give Up The Don’t Give Up

For years I have lived by the mantra Don’t give Up. Keep pushing on, Don't take no for an answer, don’t be defeated, dream the impossible, Come on you beauty were all words I’d find myself saying subconsciously and passionately every day. This was naturally followed by a fist punch into the air. But one phrase beat them all, and that was Don’t Give Up. So much of the time people stop at the first hurdle when they feel deflated, … [Read more...]

Mentoring and Coaching- Passing it down the Generations?

Mentoring and Coaching- Passing it down the generations? One of the drawbacks of a breakdown in family dynamics is the lack of contact the ‘old’ have with the ‘young.’ As a result the fruitfulness of mentoring and coaching relationships can become lost. From my perspective both generations have lost out. Perhaps it’s an idealistic viewpoint grown from watching Italian movies; the older father teaching the young son the important lessons … [Read more...]