The Fragility Of An Idea

The Fragility Of An Idea Sometimes when a new idea first comes to life, it is fragile and needs time to germinate. Like a baby cocooned in the womb, receiving its nutrients with safety and space to grow, a bud can be unleashed to the elements too early. It gets trampled on, crushed, and can be left gasping for air. With your ideas, make sure you feed, nurture and take care of them. Allow them to form a life of their own. For even in those … [Read more...]

Amazon Acquires LoveFilm

So Amazon have bought the remaining shares that they didn't already own in LoveFilm and have just announced it today. With a strong consumer presence Lovefilm provides a subscription-based movie rental and streaming service here in the UK and also Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Amazon are wanting to build a European equivalent to Netflix, which is a successful American movie distributor. It's a sensible move for Amazon, and I would say … [Read more...]