Office First Impressions Last – Buy Second Hand Furniture

Office First Impressions Last - Buy Second Hand Furniture Everybody likes to work in a pleasant, warm environment. However people prefer to have a job over having an expensive office desk. What is sometimes seen as necessary expenditure for a start-up company is one of the causes of the culture that kills it. Take two companies: – expensive furniture, expensive chairs, expensive offices. People who came to work for boo … [Read more...]

Embracing a Business Spring Clean

Have you ever noticed the dirt and mess on the floor when you move furniture out of one office and into another? Slips of paper, hole punched dots, crumbs, old crisps, mud, carpet ends, spilt coffee and pens. I’m sure you can imagine how much mess accumulates under desks and behind filing cabinets. Change has a habit of doing that. It shows what is messy. But don’t let that put you off the necessary changes you make. You wouldn’t put off an … [Read more...]