Starbucks Tax- My Open Letter Response to Kris Engskov

Starbucks Tax- My Open Letter Response to Kris Engskov Kris Engskov, thanks for your letter today in the papers. I wanted to write back. I applaud you for the announcement. It’s great that Starbucks UK has committed to pay at last £20m in tax over the next 2 years, regardless of profit levels. However, I think something more significant can be done, so that Starbucks is not just seen as caving in to public pressure and you are able to … [Read more...]

Business Start-up Culture and Benefits of Small Teams

Don’t resent your small beginnings? After all are there any benefits in being a small start-up business competing against a multi-national? Business Culture is one. Often this can be seen in the on-line space with business start-ups appearing out of nowhere and beginning to compete with large established businesses who have huge resources, infrastructure and staff. The meteoric rise of Groupon would be a classic example. The mighty Google who … [Read more...]