10 Ways To Know You’re Doing What You’re Called To Do

10 Ways To Know You're Doing What You're Called To Do There is nothing like living in the flow of knowing that you're in your groove and that you're playing to your strengths and living out what you've been created to be. For those of you who have lost jobs, found doors not opening up, are banging their heads against a brick wall and have had a nagging feeling inside that there must be more, don't push on regardless- just take a moment to … [Read more...]

On The Road To SXSW 2012

Listening to the Waifs, riding the Greyhound from Houston to Austin, it’s the 8th March, 2012 and I’m on the way to SXSW. Today is our wedding anniversary.... and I’m especially missing my darling Kerry and our little Iona. I love you both so much. I’m excited to be back in the States- I couldn’t believe it’s been over 4 years since I was here, when I love so much about the country and the people here. In fact last time I was here was when I … [Read more...]