On The Road To SXSW 2012

Listening to the Waifs, riding the Greyhound from Houston to Austin, it’s the 8th March, 2012 and I’m on the way to SXSW. Today is our wedding anniversary.... and I’m especially missing my darling Kerry and our little Iona. I love you both so much. I’m excited to be back in the States- I couldn’t believe it’s been over 4 years since I was here, when I love so much about the country and the people here. In fact last time I was here was when I … [Read more...]

Knowing The Seasons In Leadership

Knowing The Seasons In Leadership It’s important to know what season you are in as a leader. Life has different rhythms: times of activity; times of rest; times to learn, experience, develop; and times to put to use all that has been invested in you. A time for family, a time for yourself, a time for work and a time for others. One of the biggest challenges in life is to know the season you're in and where to spend your time and energies. … [Read more...]

Punctuate Your Day

Punctuate Your Day Your day is made up of many hours, minutes and seconds. One second ticks into another; one minute turns into another; and one hour falls into another. So life goes on: ticking, turning, falling, ticking, turning, falling... until it's the end of the day....again. If you find that you’ve been watching the clock tick away, and you're counting down the ticks and turns, you're in the wrong place my friend. Life is too short … [Read more...]

Marmite – Do People Love You or Hate You?

Marmite - Do People Love You or Hate You The last few days I’ve been listening to and enjoying Chris Moyles’ programme on Radio One. For Comic Relief, he set about trying to break the world record for the longest broadcasted programme. With 52 hours on the radio in one go, that’s a lot of Chris Moyles. And he did it! Chris Moyles is a regular visitor in our bedroom each morning as at times we found ourselves chuckling along. He’s joins us … [Read more...]

Workaholics – When The Sun Shines Take A Break

Workaholics - When The Sun Shines Take A Break This message is aimed at all the workaholics, serial entrepreneurs, high achievers and those who aspire to such greatness amongst us. Without realising it, if we're not careful, everything becomes about achievement. The single most important thing is getting things done, success, and being amazing along the way. But I've a simple challenge for you: when the sun shines take a break. Now if … [Read more...]

Encourage the Encouragers

Encourage the 'Encouragers' I've been privileged to have had some amazing friends and inspirations, who have been such a huge encouragement to me during my life. Their wisdom, experience, understanding and the lens through which they see the world has helped shape and at times transform my thinking. Their have pioneered into spaces, and have had the humility, grace and passion to open up that space for others. They don't live for themselves, … [Read more...]

Love & Riches –The Power of Community & Belonging To Others

Love and Riches – The Power of Community And Belonging In The Hearts Of Others Community can be so powerful. For the last three weeks friends have signed up to a food rota to bring meals round to our house. For those of you who have had kids, if you can remember those first few weeks of this little bundle arriving in your arms, it's the perfect gift and example of love in action. We could focus and have time to get used to our new baby, catch … [Read more...]

Important Things In Our Lives – Focusing On The Most Important Things In Life

Important Things In Our Lives – Focusing On The Most Important Things In Life As my first week back after paternity leave, I've decided to have a week of blogs inspired by Iona. Having a baby fine-tunes what you consider to be important. What used to be important is beginning to become far less important. Not because I can’t be bothered to chase and dream, but simply because its appeal and importance count for far less. I still have a … [Read more...]