Don’t Let Your Stars Hold You To Ransom

Don’t Let Your Stars Hold You To Ransom Manchester United’s parent company, Red Football Joint Venture Limited, reported a loss of £109m. The company's previous accounts, for the year up to June 2009, had posted a pre-tax profit of £21.6m, mainly due to the £81m sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. We’re often far more familiar with what the stars of teams are paid (Wayne Rooney £250k per week), as opposed to the profits or … [Read more...]

Get Scribbling Your Ideas

A4 Scribble If you can’t communicate an idea on one side of an A4 notebook then the idea’s not ready. Sitting down with a pen, drawing circles and scribbling lines to emphasise your points is one of the greatest reasons to come up with a groundbreaking idea. The scribble helps clarify the meaning, the rough sketch gives people a chance to engage with an idea as opposed to opting out because it’s already polished. People don't believe … [Read more...]

Like To Be Right? You Need To Be Wrong

Like To Be Right? You Need To Be Wrong Everyone wants to be right and no one wants to be wrong. But when you permission yourself to be wrong the ideas begin to flow. If you idolise being right you idolise certainty, knowledge, reason and logic. Your confidence is in what has always worked. But what has always worked is in the past tense, and if you’re not careful,  it will lead you to get stuck in the past and make others very … [Read more...]

The Fragility Of An Idea

The Fragility Of An Idea Sometimes when a new idea first comes to life, it is fragile and needs time to germinate. Like a baby cocooned in the womb, receiving its nutrients with safety and space to grow, a bud can be unleashed to the elements too early. It gets trampled on, crushed, and can be left gasping for air. With your ideas, make sure you feed, nurture and take care of them. Allow them to form a life of their own. For even in those … [Read more...]

Visionaries Without Administration Fail

Visionaries Without Administration Fail Vision without administration is a hot air balloon without fuel. Looks impressive, gets people talking, makes a statement but doesn’t go anywhere. We’ve all met them and possibly, at one time, have been them; people with an idea where the idea stays just an idea. That's why it's so important to know your strengths and also to know your weaknesses. Often visionaries are not so good at the details. … [Read more...]

Business Blame Culture

Businesses with a blame culture that blame their staff for mistakes are businesses that can’t take initiative. It’s so easy for a business blame culture to emerge where people are punished, humiliated and made to feel small for the mistakes that they make. In such companies staff end up watching their backs, it’s everyone for themselves, but yes people do what they’re told to do, down to the letter of the law. Great you may think, but they … [Read more...]

Should You Really Put Other People First?

Preferring Friends? I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine who met up for dinner with a friend of theirs. Here’s the story: My friends (let’s call her Jenny) was listening to her friend (let’s call her Lisa) about a dream job that Lisa was going to apply for. She wanted advice from Jenny, as Jenny is a sharp cookie and Lisa knows she is great at PR, personal positioning and was flourishing in her own job. After the chat, … [Read more...]