Mixing Business With Pleasure

A few years ago, I read the 4 Hour Work Week. It's a very interesting book by Tim Ferris, and it challenged my thinking in a very positive way. It's so easy to be busy. How are you? Busy. Yeah yeah yeah. You think it makes you sound important- to be honest, it's a little boring. Well I've been deciding to make those crucial decisions that free up time, enjoyment and life, whilst still deliver great success and fruitfulness. I don't … [Read more...]

Looking At Business From The Ground Up

Looking At Business From The Ground Up It’s very easy to lose touch. Politicians, business leaders, football chairman, headmasters. Sometimes people get stuck with a perspective they are accustomed to, without gathering the thoughts of those directly impacted. I loved watching Undercover CEO on TV. The CEO of a company works in disguise alongside junior staff to get clear un-filtered feedback on the businesses  performance and staff … [Read more...]