Amazon Acquires LoveFilm

So Amazon have bought the remaining shares that they didn't already own in LoveFilm and have just announced it today. With a strong consumer presence Lovefilm provides a subscription-based movie rental and streaming service here in the UK and also Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Amazon are wanting to build a European equivalent to Netflix, which is a successful American movie distributor. It's a sensible move for Amazon, and I would say … [Read more...]

Digital Trends for 2011

Edelman Digital and David Armano specifically produce some great thoughts on the future trends to watch. Check out their other slide content through slideshare. Eleven Digital Trends to Watch in 2011View more presentations from Edelman Digital. … [Read more...]

Social Media or Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click?

There are significant merits in having a good social media strategy (SMO) as well as solid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance, with some great return on your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. I mean Twitter can generate tens, hundreds or thousands of engaged people clicking through to your site, off the back of one tweet; but how long can it take to generate that engaged audience. A well optimised page can develop a huge number of clicks to … [Read more...]