10 Steps to Choosing the Best Books to Read

10 Steps to Choosing the Best Books to Read There's an approximate 2.2m books published each year, 48,857 published already this year (as of Jan 8th), and according to Google back in August 2010 there was a total of 130 million books that have ever been published. That's a lot of journeys. So how do you pick the best ones? I wrote a blog about listening and someone responded with a simple comment that it's easy (and enjoyable) to listen to … [Read more...]

Faithful Leaders- Being Faithful in the Small

Many boys growing up want to score the winning goal on cup final day. At one time I did. To be hoisted onto the shoulders of your team mates, shooting into the top corner at full blast from 35 yards, causing your team to win in extra time. Walking up the steps to collect and lift the trophy to the screams of adoring fans, chanting your name and singing ‘You’ll never walk alone.’ Yeah, pretty obvious really. I mean, did you have these … [Read more...]