12 Ways To Grow Self Confidence And Personal Security

12 Ways To Grow Self Confidence And Personal Security I love people who are secure in their identity, yet are not verging on arrogance. Their self belief doesn't leave a bad taste in the mouth, and carries with it both authority and humility. Here's ways to grow self assurance and not need to look to others for approval. 1. Understand Our Strengths Strengthfinders, Myers Briggs, Belbin and the Enneagram are all great tools for this. Get … [Read more...]

Knowing The Seasons In Leadership

Knowing The Seasons In Leadership It’s important to know what season you are in as a leader. Life has different rhythms: times of activity; times of rest; times to learn, experience, develop; and times to put to use all that has been invested in you. A time for family, a time for yourself, a time for work and a time for others. One of the biggest challenges in life is to know the season you're in and where to spend your time and energies. … [Read more...]

Punctuate Your Day

Punctuate Your Day Your day is made up of many hours, minutes and seconds. One second ticks into another; one minute turns into another; and one hour falls into another. So life goes on: ticking, turning, falling, ticking, turning, falling... until it's the end of the day....again. If you find that you’ve been watching the clock tick away, and you're counting down the ticks and turns, you're in the wrong place my friend. Life is too short … [Read more...]

Looking At Business From The Ground Up

Looking At Business From The Ground Up It’s very easy to lose touch. Politicians, business leaders, football chairman, headmasters. Sometimes people get stuck with a perspective they are accustomed to, without gathering the thoughts of those directly impacted. I loved watching Undercover CEO on TV. The CEO of a company works in disguise alongside junior staff to get clear un-filtered feedback on the businesses  performance and staff … [Read more...]

Workaholics – When The Sun Shines Take A Break

Workaholics - When The Sun Shines Take A Break This message is aimed at all the workaholics, serial entrepreneurs, high achievers and those who aspire to such greatness amongst us. Without realising it, if we're not careful, everything becomes about achievement. The single most important thing is getting things done, success, and being amazing along the way. But I've a simple challenge for you: when the sun shines take a break. Now if … [Read more...]

Encourage the Encouragers

Encourage the 'Encouragers' I've been privileged to have had some amazing friends and inspirations, who have been such a huge encouragement to me during my life. Their wisdom, experience, understanding and the lens through which they see the world has helped shape and at times transform my thinking. Their have pioneered into spaces, and have had the humility, grace and passion to open up that space for others. They don't live for themselves, … [Read more...]

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy I remember when I was first starting out in business, a consultant said to me, “The best thing about your company is you, and the worst thing about your company is you.” I didn’t really understand what this meant at the time but over time it certainly made sense to me. Are you your own worst enemy? Do you know what your faults are and the potential impact that this could have on your business? It sounds … [Read more...]

Spare a Thought For Your Competition

Spare a Thought For Your Competition Letting people down affects everyone. Spare a thought for your competitors when you provide a service and let a customer down. You may just excuse your mistake and explain it away as a bad week in business, however the ripple effect of this is so much bigger. Let’s take Search Engine Optimisation as an example. An SEO consultant offers his services to an insurance company saying that he can get their … [Read more...]