Business Shape – Gain The World But Lose Your Soul?

Business Shape – Look At The Main Reasons Why Your Company Failed If the reason for your company failure is a lack of skill, ability, mistake that was made or a set of external circumstances affecting the organisation, then it is easily fixed next time. But what if part of the cause for your failure may be a world view challenge, which isn’t so easily resolved, and subsequently is likely to repeat itself? You need to establish a solution or at … [Read more...]

Keeping a Rhythm in the Times of Stress

Keeping a Rhythm in the Times of Stress When things go wrong and the pressure mounts it’s so easy to lose a sense of healthy rhythm. Nothing seems more important than work and trying to fix things. You work longer hours, late into the evening and find that during the night thoughts play on your mind. You drag yourself out of bed very early to get on with more work or as late as you can get away with because you cannot bear to face another day. … [Read more...]

Looking At Things From Other People’s Points of View

Looking At Things From Other Peoples Points of View It’s very easy to lose touch. Politicians, business leaders, football chairmen and headmasters. Sometimes people get stuck seeing things from a perspective that they have become accustomed to, without understanding the impact or thoughts of those who are directly impacted by the decisions they make. They are there to lead and serve their teams, but they end up lording authority in a … [Read more...]