Forgotten People- Who Does Your Business Appeal To?

Forgotten People- Who Does Your Business Appeal To? You may be familiar with selling in a specific culture or speaking to one specific sector of society, but are there other audiences for your message, product or service you've not tapped into? Are their people who you've forgotten about, that your business doesn’t reach? Perhaps with a little more cultural understanding, a tweak here, an adjustment there, you could open up your business … [Read more...]

The Fragility Of An Idea

The Fragility Of An Idea Sometimes when a new idea first comes to life, it is fragile and needs time to germinate. Like a baby cocooned in the womb, receiving its nutrients with safety and space to grow, a bud can be unleashed to the elements too early. It gets trampled on, crushed, and can be left gasping for air. With your ideas, make sure you feed, nurture and take care of them. Allow them to form a life of their own. For even in those … [Read more...]

It Is Good To Turn Down A Sale

It Is Good To Turn Down a Sale It’s good to turn down work. I develop and train senior leaders in areas ranging from leadership development, personal growth through to social media strategies. When I deliver sales and marketing training and consultancy, something I love to explore with my clients is helping them turn down work. I often start with clients by intentionally helping them lose customers- you know the nightmare ones that actually … [Read more...]

Spare a Thought For Your Competition

Spare a Thought For Your Competition Letting people down affects everyone. Spare a thought for your competitors when you provide a service and let a customer down. You may just excuse your mistake and explain it away as a bad week in business, however the ripple effect of this is so much bigger. Let’s take Search Engine Optimisation as an example. An SEO consultant offers his services to an insurance company saying that he can get their … [Read more...]

Meeting New People-Isn’t It Time You Did?

When was the last time you met someone new? Someone who inspired, excited and could help you. When was the last time someone met you, and would have gone back home and told others about you? Take two people. One is a marketing executive who has worked faithfully and competently in the same advertising agency for the last 15 years. He works hard, does a good job and knows his stuff. He tends to arrive at work at 08.00 and leaves around 19.00. … [Read more...]

Being Clear and Concise as you Complete Sentences

Being Clear and Concise as you Complete Sentences In Conversations In a conversation are you clear and concise? Do you complete sentences? Are you clear in your communication, confidently stating your opinion? Or out of fear of offending, do you ramble on creating confusion for your listener, and allowing them to have a negative influence over you? Sometimes it’s better to just be straight to the point. Imagine you and a colleague are … [Read more...]

Should You Really Put Other People First?

Preferring Friends? I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine who met up for dinner with a friend of theirs. Here’s the story: My friends (let’s call her Jenny) was listening to her friend (let’s call her Lisa) about a dream job that Lisa was going to apply for. She wanted advice from Jenny, as Jenny is a sharp cookie and Lisa knows she is great at PR, personal positioning and was flourishing in her own job. After the chat, … [Read more...]

Permission Marketing- How Talking at People Doesn’t Help

Permission Marketing We see over 3,000 adverts every day. Some argue if we were to include online activity that it’s more like 10,000. We are bombarded with information and spend time switching off. Switching off our emails, switching off the TV. Just switching off. Where £235,000 is spent on a 30 second commercial during the X Factor finals we can’t remember it an hour later. Have you noticed that we don’t like companies that talk at us and … [Read more...]