Empire Avenue Business Benefits? A Conversation with Robert Scoble and Jeremiah Owyang

  Hello- Thank you any newcomers to my blog via Empire Avenue- I’m @Caleb- a friendly thinker, writer, social media strategist, speaker and consultant. I'm all about Relational Leadership, and I want to meet you. Please don’t be a voyeur but connect on Twitter @calebstorkey, subscribe to the blog and leave some comments or topically come and get some of me at @caleb on Empire Avenue. I’ll be chatting to everyone extensively......OK with … [Read more...]

Forgotten People- Who Does Your Business Appeal To?

Forgotten People- Who Does Your Business Appeal To? You may be familiar with selling in a specific culture or speaking to one specific sector of society, but are there other audiences for your message, product or service you've not tapped into? Are their people who you've forgotten about, that your business doesn’t reach? Perhaps with a little more cultural understanding, a tweak here, an adjustment there, you could open up your business … [Read more...]