Social Media Fast

The last couple of months, I've been having a bit of a social media fast, and it has felt great. I've been bored with Facebook. Bored with Twitter. Bored with Empire Avenue. Even bored with Blogging. Why..... because I've decided to focus on the face to face social stuff, and nothing quite beats it. Literally, I can argue all the benefits of social media- the people you meet through it, the knowledge you learn, the experiences you have. But … [Read more...]

Forgotten People- Who Does Your Business Appeal To?

Forgotten People- Who Does Your Business Appeal To? You may be familiar with selling in a specific culture or speaking to one specific sector of society, but are there other audiences for your message, product or service you've not tapped into? Are their people who you've forgotten about, that your business doesn’t reach? Perhaps with a little more cultural understanding, a tweak here, an adjustment there, you could open up your business … [Read more...]

Marmite – Do People Love You or Hate You?

Marmite - Do People Love You or Hate You The last few days I’ve been listening to and enjoying Chris Moyles’ programme on Radio One. For Comic Relief, he set about trying to break the world record for the longest broadcasted programme. With 52 hours on the radio in one go, that’s a lot of Chris Moyles. And he did it! Chris Moyles is a regular visitor in our bedroom each morning as at times we found ourselves chuckling along. He’s joins us … [Read more...]

Important Things In Our Lives – Focusing On The Most Important Things In Life

Important Things In Our Lives – Focusing On The Most Important Things In Life As my first week back after paternity leave, I've decided to have a week of blogs inspired by Iona. Having a baby fine-tunes what you consider to be important. What used to be important is beginning to become far less important. Not because I can’t be bothered to chase and dream, but simply because its appeal and importance count for far less. I still have a … [Read more...]

It Is Good To Turn Down A Sale

It Is Good To Turn Down a Sale It’s good to turn down work. I develop and train senior leaders in areas ranging from leadership development, personal growth through to social media strategies. When I deliver sales and marketing training and consultancy, something I love to explore with my clients is helping them turn down work. I often start with clients by intentionally helping them lose customers- you know the nightmare ones that actually … [Read more...]

Keeping a Rhythm in the Times of Stress

Keeping a Rhythm in the Times of Stress When things go wrong and the pressure mounts it’s so easy to lose a sense of healthy rhythm. Nothing seems more important than work and trying to fix things. You work longer hours, late into the evening and find that during the night thoughts play on your mind. You drag yourself out of bed very early to get on with more work or as late as you can get away with because you cannot bear to face another day. … [Read more...]

Looking At Things From Other People’s Points of View

Looking At Things From Other Peoples Points of View It’s very easy to lose touch. Politicians, business leaders, football chairmen and headmasters. Sometimes people get stuck seeing things from a perspective that they have become accustomed to, without understanding the impact or thoughts of those who are directly impacted by the decisions they make. They are there to lead and serve their teams, but they end up lording authority in a … [Read more...]

Building Trust in Friendship

Building Trust in Friendship Be open with people who you trust. Trust is powerful and people need to earn it, but if you have found someone you do trust, take courage and look to be more open with them, and work to build trust in your friendships. Because deep levels of intimacy between friends doesn’t happen by chance, and people are in need of friends. Good friends. Why don’t you create regular times when you can both share heart with … [Read more...]