12 Ways To Grow Self Confidence And Personal Security

12 Ways To Grow Self Confidence And Personal Security I love people who are secure in their identity, yet are not verging on arrogance. Their self belief doesn't leave a bad taste in the mouth, and carries with it both authority and humility. Here's ways to grow self assurance and not need to look to others for approval. 1. Understand Our Strengths Strengthfinders, Myers Briggs, Belbin and the Enneagram are all great tools for this. Get … [Read more...]

Workaholics – When The Sun Shines Take A Break

Workaholics - When The Sun Shines Take A Break This message is aimed at all the workaholics, serial entrepreneurs, high achievers and those who aspire to such greatness amongst us. Without realising it, if we're not careful, everything becomes about achievement. The single most important thing is getting things done, success, and being amazing along the way. But I've a simple challenge for you: when the sun shines take a break. Now if … [Read more...]

Building Trust in Friendship

Building Trust in Friendship Be open with people who you trust. Trust is powerful and people need to earn it, but if you have found someone you do trust, take courage and look to be more open with them, and work to build trust in your friendships. Because deep levels of intimacy between friends doesn’t happen by chance, and people are in need of friends. Good friends. Why don’t you create regular times when you can both share heart with … [Read more...]

Business Blame Culture

Businesses with a blame culture that blame their staff for mistakes are businesses that can’t take initiative. It’s so easy for a business blame culture to emerge where people are punished, humiliated and made to feel small for the mistakes that they make. In such companies staff end up watching their backs, it’s everyone for themselves, but yes people do what they’re told to do, down to the letter of the law. Great you may think, but they … [Read more...]

Should You Really Put Other People First?

Preferring Friends? I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine who met up for dinner with a friend of theirs. Here’s the story: My friends (let’s call her Jenny) was listening to her friend (let’s call her Lisa) about a dream job that Lisa was going to apply for. She wanted advice from Jenny, as Jenny is a sharp cookie and Lisa knows she is great at PR, personal positioning and was flourishing in her own job. After the chat, … [Read more...]

Attention to Detail in Business- Rolls Royce

Having Attention to Details in Business At 60mph the loudest noise in this new Rolls Royce comes from the electric clock! Isn’t it amazing when a businesses advertising tells the truth and you have confidence that the company is selling you something quality? Do you tell the truth when you are marketing your products and services or do you tell the customer what you believe they want to hear? When we are running our marketing and sales … [Read more...]

The Importance of Storming within Successful Teams

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing A lot of managers and business owners don't like the thought of team storming. They can feel uncomfortable when staff get upset and vocal about issues they don't like. Everyone knows that there will often be individuals that have an axe to grind, or seem only to focus on negatives. Some people call them 'half glass empty' people, others simply call them a pain in the neck. For some managers when the … [Read more...]

What Makes a Good Life Coach?

What Makes a Good Life Coach? I think a good life coach knows the person they are coaching intimately, understands their gifts and has a clear handle on the potential opportunities they face. They can see the strengths and weaknesses of that individual, the forthcoming problems and blind spots within the individual, and has the right level of empathy to ask the right questions helping them navigate through to the other side. Through … [Read more...]