Rupert Murdoch & My Dad- News of the World

News of The World Here's a somewhat prophetic painting my dad, Alan Storkey, created over a year ago depicting the end of The News of the World. My dad's a sharp cookie, sees what others don't, and likes to take a little poke where the pokes are needed. And I know he for one will be grinning from ear to ear about the thought of The News of the World closing down. Along with me I've a feeling he's not going to be the only one.......(though … [Read more...]

Workaholics – When The Sun Shines Take A Break

Workaholics - When The Sun Shines Take A Break This message is aimed at all the workaholics, serial entrepreneurs, high achievers and those who aspire to such greatness amongst us. Without realising it, if we're not careful, everything becomes about achievement. The single most important thing is getting things done, success, and being amazing along the way. But I've a simple challenge for you: when the sun shines take a break. Now if … [Read more...]